Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Give Away getting Close

Just a quick posting to say Happy Thanksgiving to all and remind you that the November Surprise Give Away is getting Close.

Thanks Giving has always been a big deal in our household and this year will be the same. Getting up early to get the turkey in the oven, making the dressing, (which, can only be buttermilk cornbread dressing, is there any other kind? Not at our house), setting the table, and sneaking a taste ever now and then. The turkey and dressing is my job, deserts and green beans are my brothers duties this year and Mom's famous hot rolls will be Lesley's (my niece) job. I am so thankful my two nieces, Ashley (who will be sending Thanksgiving with her husbands family) and Lesley spent time with their Grandma and learned how to make Mom's rolls and carry on a family tradition. Mom's been gone a little over two years now, but, it's great to know a part of her will always be a part of our holidays.
After spending half the day fixing, mixing, basting and cooking, we all set down to enjoy the meal. Can't wait to sink my teeth into the Turkey and Dressing. Yum, Yum. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
After our belly's are all full and we couldn't put another bite into our mouths, it's CLEAN UP time. The fun part. NOT. Can you believe we spend all day getting ready to eat, which, takes no less than 30 mins., then it takes us another two + hours to clean up the mess. Don't you just love holidays?
Anyway, it's all worth it to me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, for the give away.
Give Away is getting close to the end and one of my blogger friends will win the surprise gift. I hope you have enjoyed reading and being a part of my blog and most of all GOOD LUCK.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


arlette said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too!

Leslie said...

thanks for coming to my blog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck