Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaBloPoMo day..........who knows???

Well, well, well.
I didn't make it very far with the NaBloPoMo, did I?
Well, I did my best, but, things happen. Besides, I don't have enough
to say to post each and every day. Do you?????
If you do, maybe you can give me some pointers.
Better yet, let me know what you would like
to see me post about.
(don't you love it when the tables are turned, lol)
Any who, all is well at the Hembree's house, both, David
and I are feeling a lot better and well on the road
to recovery. I hate it when he thinks he has to share
everything with me, including a nasty ole virus.
I guess that's what marriage is all about, sharing!
Check out this picture, this is all the stuff I scored at
Harbor freight. If you haven't gone there, you should.
It's one of my favorite places to shop, besides, Lowes.
This is all quilting stuff, yes, quilting!
The carpet cutters just happen to use 45mm
round blades, just what our rotary cutters use,
and there are two in each package. They also have
the replacement blades, but, they are back ordered
and won't get them till next year. But, get this, two
blades, plus the carpet cutter is only, $2.99. Rotary
cutter blades are $10+ for two blades! Didn't take
a genius to figure that out, thank goodness, or, I
would still be buying the expensive ones.
I also found the magnetic wrist band, great for
using while sewing, and the mini suction cup,
the little red thing, that's great for holding your
ruler in place while you cut. These things were so
much cheaper, and work just as well, as the stuff
you buy at the quilt stores. Now I have more money
to spend on fabric!!!!!!

Thought I would share a really sad moment with you guys.
This is me washing my Spiked with Color quilt for the first time.
By the time I took this picture, tears were running down my face.
It was sad, not to mention, scary!!! I wasn't sure what was going
to happen to it, or, if it would come back to me looking like it did
when it went into the washer. I couldn't stand watching it get covered
with water, I was drowning my quilt and there was nobody to save it.
After I splashed some cold water on my face and came to my senses,
I closed the washer lid and let it wash. I swore I could hear it scream,
you know like lobster's do when you cook them alive.
All I could do, was walk away.
Happy days are here again, the quilt made it!!!!
It did fade a bit, but, it came out all in one piece.
Guess what?????????
I'm sewing again. Yeah!!!!!
This is me quilting one of my UFQ's.
One down, 6, to go. But, at least I'm sewing!

Don't know why, but, this quilt took forever to get quilted.
I did the ole stitch in the ditch routine and as you can see,
there was a lot of ditches to stitch. I bet I turned this quilt
around and around and around a thousand times. The next
few quilts are going on the Flynn Frame for sure.
I love this picture (David not so much)
This is Josie, doesn't she look proud?
She got into the toilet paper and from
the looks of it, she had a blast!

Here's hoping this post made up for me not posting for a week.
Thanks for checking in to see what I've been up to,
see you later.
p.s. leave me a comment, they're free and I love hearing from you.
(besides, that's the only way I know someone is reading it.)


DD Lindsey said...

I'm SO glad your quilt made it through the washer! Now that I've seen what CAN happen, I don't know if I can ever wash another one. It's good to see you're sewing again & I agree with the "next one's going on the Flynn frame" statement. I'm saying the same thing right now! BTW, I've looked everywhere for longer rods & haven't found ones that the rod ends will fit on. Very frustrated.

Lesley said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't make it either! It's so hard to do one EVERY day!!!