Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy, Busy Day. I had too much fun!

First off, I got a lot finished today, but, it was not all work. I did PLAY!
Just had to share my Spider Solitaire screen. If you haven't played it
you should, it's a good mind bender.
Anyway, to the picture. If you notice the bottom of the screen, it shows
60 cards left to deal, this is what I did on the first deal. I moved all the
cards from the hidden stacks and still have 60 cards to deal. It might
not be a big deal for you, but, for me, it was a first. I love this game.

I finished another project in the living room.
I couldn't leave these window treatments up after I recovered my funky
chair, they don't match. lol
Thought I would throw in a picture of my Christmas Tree.
(notice the window treatment?)
Another pic of the treatments.

This is my mess and the beginning of the NEW
window treatments. Yes, they are really, really
long and I am doing them all in one piece.
(not the best idea, but, it worked)

Another pic of the tree.
Got to say, It's looking good!!!
Just have a few more pillows to add and this
room will be finished. (for now!)
I also did a bit of candy making today. My chore each
year is making fudge, 3 or 4 batches of fudge!!!
If I didn't make my fudge, I would be ran out
of town on the back of a horse.
My nieces would dis-own me.
My Sister-in-Laws Dad, would never
speak to me again, and my waistline
wouldn't be able to expand. lol
(Don't tell them, but, I love making fudge)

I also made a pot of Navy Beans for dinner, yum, yum!
All that's left to do, buttermilk cornbread.

In between all that, I did find time to make a pillow
for my funky chair.
I don't know about you, but, I'm TIRED!!!


Lesley said...

I don't know much about spider solitaire, but those window treatments and that chair is just SANDY! Oh, and my mouth is watering for some fudge now!!

Ashley said...

Okay so I didn't miss it....I've just had very limited computer time the past week!

Truth be are right I would disown you if you stopped making me fudge :)

Rosy said...

Oh Sandy, that chair is fabulouso!! I has two pink velvet chair that same style and got rid of them years ago...I wish I had them now.