Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hembree Christmas part 2

Make sure you read the post after this one, it's part 1.
Then this post will make sense.
Wow, two posts in one day, that's a record for me.
Anyway, these are a couple more pictures that my Niece Ashley
emailed me today of our Christmas Dinner 2010.

I must admit, this combo of red's look pretty good.
I planned it that way. NOT

Not sure if you can read the date on the plate, Christmas 2001.
This is David's Christmas plate he picked out on one of our flea
market outings. But, for some reason this year,
my Brother got to the plate before David.

Ok, check out this picture and find the present one of my

Grand Nephew's left on the table. Can you find it????

Look just past the ham. Two cars, a yellow one and a red one.

Is that too cute, or, what?

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bernie said...

WOW - my mouth is watering, what a beautiful table. thanks for sharing. Bernie