Thursday, May 3, 2012

I need the help of FHA

I am in search of a local chapter of FHA
Fabric Hoarders Anonymous
Yes, I am a Fabric Hoarder!

I have desperately tried their 12 step program, 
( over and over and over)
but, I can't seem to get past the step Two: 
Don't purchase ANY new fabric. 
I don't have a problem with step one: 
Admit your addiction.
That's a no brainier, all you have to do is open any 
of our closets, tots, or, check out my secret stash. 
(shhhh, it's called a secret for a reason)

So, here is my latest FHA failure.

On a resent trip to Tulsa, I just happened to stop by 
Tuesday Morning, and, much to my surprise,
(OK it was not a surprise, it was in their ad) 
I found some great, great, bargains and I 
just couldn't resist. They had pre-cuts at a price that
 made me hyperventilate. Get this:
layer cakes - $3.99
charm packs - $2.99
two yard cuts - $3.99
jelly rolls - $3.99 to 6.99
OK, you get the picture (above). Now tell me, 
could you, or, would you, be able to control your addiction???
I didn't think so. 


Nanaisgr8 said...

From a fellow fabric hoarder, thanks for the great enabling tip. I am stopping at Tuesday Morning on my way home from work to indulge with what ever is left over. Terry Douglas

bernie said...

Its a way of life my friend, a way of life. :) Bernie

Nicole said...

Lol! I don't blame you. Layer cakes for $3.99!?!