Sunday, September 27, 2009

More quilts.

Adding a couple more quilts I have finished.

A quilt for Griffin.
Finished Sept. 2009

Griffin is Rachel and Robert's (very dear friends of my niece Ashley) newest member to their family. Congrats to you both, he's a real cutie.

This was a quick project, the ones quilters love. Pieced one day and quilted the next.
I have to give credit where credit is due, a friend of mine, Vicki, did the cross stitching
and was generous enough to give them to me (along with a few other sets). Now, tell me,
am I lucky or what? That's why the quilt went so Quick.
The other reason, my Flynn Quilting Frame, it only took about an hour to quilt it.

I like the front of the quilt, but, really like how the back turned out. Really simple, but, I love this look.
A very special quilt for a
VERY special little girl.
Breese's quilt and her room. (my grand niece)
finished July 2009
(This has to be one of my FAVS, both the quilt, and the Room.)
Ashley, my niece, picked out the pattern and the fabric (Amy Butler) and I was off to sewing machine. This was my very first quilt I made using a real pattern. It took me a couple of weeks to get up the nerve to tackle this one, but, once I got started, I couldn't wait to get it finished.
As for the room.................AMAZING. Ashley has a gift of taking things and making them spectacular.
The reading bed is made of two wooden pallets on casters, and the headboard is an old door, the arrangement on the celling, is from Martha Stewart's wedding collection. Put them all together, and you get this.
Who would have thought?