Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spiked with Color top Finished

Sorry it's taken a while to update the blog, but, been busy (as you can see) finishing up the the quilt top. Well, it's finished. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Now, all that's left is the quilting. Oh boy, now that's going to fun. I had to go and get more conduit (10 feet long) so I can quilt it on my Flynn Frame. Did I tell you this is a KING size quilt? For some reason, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Just couldn't control myself, I was having way too much fun putting this one together. Did I ever say: I LOVE THIS PATTERN??????? Well, I Do!!!!!! Not bad for a first time paper piecer, if I do say so myself.
David (hubby) is pretty pleased with himself for picking this one for HIS quilt.

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Paula said...

I love this pattern and the colors - wow