Friday, October 16, 2009

Too much to do, not enough time.

Thought I better do a little updating since it's been a while. I have been soooo busy the past couple of weeks I don't know where to start.
Anyway, here goes.
The first weekend of October, hubby and I took off for a weekend of fun, friends and fast cars. It was the annual Corvette weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, way too much fun. Our first stop on Thursday, was in Springdale, Arkansas for the Motocross. David (hubby) couldn't wait to try out our new Vette (not a brand new one, but, new to us) on the course. He went in to register and sign up to run as I headed for the ladies room. Little to my knowledge, he signed me up to run the course and didn't tell me till he was staging for his third run. I think he knew better than to tell me earlier, that way I didn't have time to back out. Well, let me tell you, I had a BLAST, it was really cool going around the cones, which I might add, I did not hit a single cone on the course. Not bad for a newbie and for someone that yells at David when I think he is driving too fast. It's a control thing. lol You know how it is, when you are driving you have control and know where you are going, but, when someone else is driving, (Daivd) I have no idea where and what he's doing. Ok, for the wild part, I won fifth place in my class for the ladies. Oh yeah, I'm the girl. I think Daivd opened up a can of worms and I am now hooked and can't wait for the next motocross.
That was just Thursday and we still the rest of the weekend to go. So, to make a long story shorter.............we had a blast and David and I both came home with plaque's. David came in second in the fuel economy run, he got over 33 miles per gallon in the Vette. Bet you never knew a Vette could be so fuel efficient? Get this, the winner got 54 miles per gallon. Don't know how he did it, but, he did.
All and all it was a great weekend and can't wait till next year.

I will try to get some pics of the weekend and post them later.
I will also try to catch up on my posting of my quilts I have finished and the ones I am working on now.

Take care and thanks for checking out my blog.

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