Sunday, November 1, 2009

New quilts in progress. Square deals.

These are four quilt tops I made in the past two weeks. I think I am loving the square in square designs. They go together really quick, got to love that. The first two pics started out as one quilt top, but, I didn't like the 17in blocks (from a pattern I found on line) so I whacked them up into four squares and got two quilts of it. Second pic I didn't add anything to them, but, the first pic, I added two more pieces to each square and added the two little squares in a block between the rows for a totally different look with the same fabric.

This is the first top with this fabric, from another pattern I found on line. I love all the different block designs. I did change up the layout from the original pattern and like it better this way.

Same fabric, but, this time I did a improve quilt layout. I took leftover fabric and just started whacking and sewing. I love the off centered blocks and the way the turned out. Then I added the little square between all the blocks for added intrest. Now, all that's left is the quilting.

I have to say, Hobby Lobby is loving me. In the past two weeks I have purchased 24 yards of white fabric and 10 1/2 yards of black. (black is for my next quilt). Thank goodness for their 40% on line coupons.

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Vesuviusmama said...

I love those small squares in the sashing for added interest.