Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, it's a New Year, 2010, and so far so good.
2010 Sounds so weird and really makes me feel OLD. lol

It's been less then exciting around here since the last time I posted, but, things are starting to look up. Believe me, they couldn't go any further down.

Something about the holidays this past year, along with all the snow, put me in a funk. You know the old saying, when you mix Holiday's with Extended Family's, you could come up with a dump cake. lol
Oh well, thank goodness this too shall pass. It's a new Year, new Decade and I am determined to make this the best year ever. No more WORRYING over things I can NOT change, and things I don't have any desire to change. So, look out world, here I come.

I am going to take Mr. Favor's (The trail boss on Rawhide, I know I am aging myself, but, I loved that show) attitude and go with it, which was: I don't take crap from NOBODY!

Ok, with all that off my chest, I will get on with what's happening in my world.

I have a LOT of things going on, sewing, machine quilting, hand quilting, cooking and remodeling. I love being busy!!!!!

This is the Spiked with color laid out on the front room floor, basted, pinned and ready for HAND QUILTING. YES, I SAID HAND QUILTING. I know I posted earlier that I thought I have lost my mind, well, I lost it again. lol

I do have to say, I am looking forward to getting this quilt finished, it may take a while, but, I love to hand quilt, so, it will go pretty quick. At least I hope so. I will be posting updates on it's progress.

Now, to what I am up to today, Jan 9th, 2010

I have two quilts to get finished, they were supposed to be Christmas gifts, better late than never.

I have my Niece Lesley's quilt on my Flynn frame and just about finished quilting it. I have a couple more passes and then on to the next one.

Thought I would take a pic of how you quilt with two dogs. First you set up the space heater, wait till they find it and you have a built in baby sitter. Don't know how they can lay so close to it, but, it works. No more dogs under foot.

This is a close up of Lesley's quilt on the frame. Did I mention..........I LOVE THIS FRAME?

The next quilt to go onto the frame will be Ashley's, my other niece. I do have to get the backing together, but, that won't take long. I should have both of the quilts finished by Monday. Or at least I am hoping for Monday. We shall see.

This is the pic of Ashley's.

I am really getting into the square in square with squares. They look so modern, but, a hint of old school design.
The other things going on around here, besides quilting, is cooking and (still) the room redo. I will be posting pics of my favorite Magic Crust Cherry Cobbler and an update on the room redo later. Think this enough for now, my fingers are getting tired. lol
Hope your New Year brings you Love, Laughter and lots of time to create.


Rannyjean said...

How beautiful and how much I wished I could still lay out my quilts on the floor. Tell me more about the Flynn frame, it looks amazing!

Sue Hauser said...

Beautiful quilt! The New York Beauty block is my all-time favorite block! Can't wait to see pics of your hand quilting on it!

Exuberant Color said...

so you made a NY Beauty too, and it is a beauty!

thanks for your comment on my blog. I can't replay because you don't have your email enabled. To do it go to Edit Profile, check mark in front of Show my email address, scroll down, and SAVE. Then when you leave comments on any blog they can email you back.

Exuberant Color said...

I meant reply, not replay, LOL