Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a few of 2009 Quilts

Since it's a Cold and Snow covered Sunday afternoon, thought I would do a quick update on a couple of quilts I made in 2009. I still have a couple more pics to upload, but, here's a start.

This is a rag quilt I made for our Ladies Corvette Club, called, L.A.C.E. By the way our colors are pink and black.

I made this t-shirt quilt for Tulsa Vette Set and it was auctioned off at our Christmas party and all the money went to The Little Light House in Tulsa. The members donated all the t-shirts and Sew Flakes Quilt shop in Broken Arrow donated the amazing backing fabric.
By the way, the quilt rasied $1,050.00 for the charity. The next two quilts I made for Quilt's for Kids. The first one they (Quilt's for Kid's) sent me the fabric, pattern and design, all I had to do is sew it, put it together and quilt it. Easy. The second one is a quilt I made out my fabric and design. Both quilt's are keeping some little one warm today. If you haven't made a quilt charity quilt, you should, it's a great way to share love.

This quilt is a pretty special quilt, it's for my First Grand Niece. It's also the first quilt I made using a real pattern. I love Amy Butler's fabric.
I still have a few more pics to find and update, but, this is it for now. Enjoy and happy quilting.
p.s. I am almost finished with my blue room remodle. YEA. pics to follow.

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