Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quilts for 2010

Started a new quilt yesterday and this is what I have finished so far. I found the pattern on line free and just had to make it. The best part, I'm using fabric I already had. So, this is a stash buster. Got to love 'em.
So, here's the pattern, notice I had to mark it with the colors I would be using.
Here's all the pieces cut, numbered, and stacked ready to sew.
This is my quilt on the design board. Looks pretty close if I do say so myself. The dark purple and olive colors don't show up very good in the pic, but, you can see them in person.
Not a bad days work.


Paula said...

Wow this quilt is going to be a beauty. And you had all these colors:-) How big is it?

Darling Chatterbox said...


My name is Trina, and I'm from Tulsa. I'm new to quilting/general sewing, but I love it and like to think I'm catching on quickly.

I really like this quilt design you have going, and look forward to seeing the progress so I have add you to my subscription list on Google Reader.

If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my quilting/sewing/life in general blog at http://thegallopinghorse.wordpress.com


P.S. Just so you know I found your blog on quiltinggallery.com, so posting it there did help get you blog some traffic. :)