Monday, June 14, 2010

The reason we Quilt

Thought I would share four very, very special Grand Nephew's and Grand Niece with you, showing off the quilt's I made them. Two of the quilts are crossed stitched, HAND quilted and my own design, Corbett's and Hudson's. Everett's is a quilt as you go and Breese's is the first quilt I did using a real pattern.
This is the reason we all quilt, to share with the people we love.
This is Corbett's with his Nascar quilt. Notice orange #20, Tony Stewart's car? Tony and the color orange were his favorites. I also added Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson and Dale Jr.'s car.

This is Hudson hiding in his camping quilt. Each block as a different camping theme framed with stripes. I really like the green and two browns, along with the stripes.

This is Everett's quilt as you go quilt. It also has a camping, fishing, lodge look. I have always heard you are supposed to name your quilts, well, this one HAS A NAME! The Murphy's Law Quilt. I'm telling you, if it was to go wrong, it went REAL wrong! But, the good part of this quilt, I got a new sewing machine out of the deal and the quilt turn out pretty good.

This is the little girl in the family, Breese. Now, tell me, is she cute or what? Ashley, my niece and their Mom, picked out the pattern and the Amy Butler fabric and did the rest. This quilt was my first machine quilted quilt.


Lesley said...

All are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the one with Paisley and her quilt(s)!

Ashley said...

We love our quilts...they work great for building forts too!

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I'm sure that others who know and love you feel the same. Tell David Howdy.


Vesuviusmama said...

All very nice. What aboout Paisley - has she arrived yet? Is her quilt done?

Millie said...

All the quilts are pretty. Love to see your beautiful hand quilting.