Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paisley's quilt is on the frame.

Paisley's quilt is finally on the frame and getting quilted.
Just to update you, Paisley will be my newest Grand Niece that is due to arrive sometime this month. I guess I better get with it and get this quilt finished before she gets here. I have for some reason, (I don't want to screw it up) put this one off, and now, time is running out on me.
I work best under pressure.
Check out the pic below, don't you love my bag of Pinto Beans for weight????
I had to use something, the quilt's a pretty big one. It started out as a baby quilt and I just kept adding some here and adding some there. You know how that goes!

First two rolls completed, lot's more to go!

Guess I better go, I hear the quilt calling me.


vivian said...

Paisley-what a beautiful name for a little girl. I work better under pressure too! :)

bernie said...

Just lovely. I noticed your Flynn frame - are you pretty satisfied with it? I purchased one, but have yet to take it out and use it.

DD Lindsey said...

Hey! I just got my Flynn loaded with a baby quilt too! Of course, mine's not as big as yours. You gave me the courage and curiosity to try it, but I'm still only comfortable with baby-sized quilts. But hey, never say never! Thanks for the inspiration :)