Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 6

It's Saturday Night and I ain't got no money........
(sorry, that's all I can remember of the song, but, it fits. lol)
Another great Saturday night with my wild and crazy family.
Hubby, David, got out the boiling pot and cooked us up a Shrimp Boil.
Ahhh Eeeee!!!!
Justin Wilson, how you all are, better look out, I've got me a Cajun cook.
The best part of a good Shrimp Boil, throwing it on the table and having at.
We all ate till we couldn't eat anymore, and then ate some more. Yummy!!!
I fixed, Grandma's Delight, better know as, Better than Sex, for desert, so, like I said,
we ate till we couldn't eat no more and still ate more.
Other than eating, I did get the other half of the bathroom painted.
Still needs a second coat, but, that will have to wait till Monday.
I also got in a little bit of sewing and machine quilting done
in between the painting and cooking.
All in all, it's was a pretty good day.
I hope you all got a chance to check out some of my
favorite blogs I had listed yesterday.
I know, if you check them out, you'll end up adding a couple to your favorites.
It's amazing how many talented quilters out there in cyber space that love to
share their talents with the rest of us.
So many blogs, not enough time!!!
I have one more blog for you to check out!!!
Don a quilt and U can win one, come play
Here is the link:
It's am amazing blog and she is giving away one of her quilts as the prize!!
All you have to do is take a picture of you wrapped in one of your
favorite quilts and email it to enter.
If you have a blog, like mine, and put the link to her blog,
you get another entry.
Best of all, make sure you let her know I sent you and I get an extra entry.
So, please tell her Sandy at Sandy's Sew Clever sent you over.
That's the skinny of it, so, go to her blog and read all the details.

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Stray Stitches said...

You are making my mouth water!! I love shrimp! Glad that you were able to squeeze in a little sewing.