Friday, November 5, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 5

Not much to report today. No sewing, no painting, just on the phone all day talking with the Bank working out our refinancing loan. I HATE dealing with Banks, they think they are the only game in town and treat you like it too! Sad part, we have been with this bank for over 10 years, never, never late, pay extra payment every other month, and they still act like jerks.
Go figure, it's one of the Bank's that got the bail out money.
OK, sorry about that, just had to get it off my chest.
Enough ranting and raving and on to some good stuff.

Since, I don't really have anything to report, sewing wise, thought I would share some of my favorite blogs and let you check them out for yourselves.
Get ready to enjoy some amazing talent, and hopefully, get inspired.

OK, that's enough for one posting, these should keep you busy.



DD Lindsey said...

Thanks for the "linky" love!

Stray Stitches said...

Banks - unfortunately it's hard to live without them :( Thanks for the link - very super sweet of you!!