Monday, November 1, 2010


National Blog Posting Month

What's this you ask?  
Can you do it?
The answer is YES!
This is a challenge to post on your blog everyday
for the month of November.
30 posts in 30 days!

Check out the NaBloPoMo icon and join in on the fun and prizes.
This is going to be a real challenge for me to complete, but, I'm up for it. How about you?
I have never posted to my blog on a daily basis.
What do I post, what do I do?
This challenge might just be the ticket to get me motivated, not only to post daily, but, to finish up ALL the projects I've started.
Think about, do I want you guys to think I am one lazy Gal that sits around all day drinking coffee and eating bon bons?
(even though that might be what I want to do)

So, here goes to a fun and productive month of postings.

1 comment:

stacy said...

Hey there! I found you on Ashley (your niece's) blog. (I found her because I used to go to church with her and my husband knows Chris). Anyhow I just wanted to say that you are one talented lady... I can see that creativity runs in the family! I absolutely LOVE your quilts. I have actually been looking for someone who does commission quilts... do you? And if so... how much do you charge... (if your client were to provide you with most of the fabric). And if you are not taking jobs... can you point me to someone who is, does great work, and has reasonable prices? Sorry... I just love quilts and want to learn someday... but for now, with little ones, I think I'll wait. :)