Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finished Shower - Finished Quilt Top - plus two

Well, here's the finished shower. It may have taken forever to complete, but, we did it and I love it.
 I think the glass tiles are my favorite. In case you can't tell, it's white tile
and black, grey and white glass tiles.


As I mentioned in the last post, I didn't get any UFQ's finished, but, I did get another quilt top completed.  I'm beginning to think making the tops is a whole more fun than quilting them.
This is what's on my design wall. It's made from fat quarters I had in my collection of fabric's. Collection of fabric's sounds better than all the fabric I have stuck in all the corners of my house. The tumblers were cut out using a friends commercial GO cutter. It took less than an hour to get a full quilt cut and ready to sew. Now, that's pretty cool if I do say so myself. The pattern is something I made up as I went. I knew I didn't want the tumblers next to each other, way to busy, even for me. So, I got out a bunch of white fabric and added it to the blocks. I kinda like the end results. I'm thinking about adding another row of white just to balance it out, but, we will see. Just a thought.

These are my little buddies that help me sew everyday and keep me company.
Scooter (on the right) and Josie (on the left), my two Rat Terriers.


Khris said...

Hey I love that orange couch and love those cushions...hugs Khris

Stray Stitches said...

I love the tumblers quilt top. Putting the sashing in between each tumbler was a great idea. Your little buddies are adorable. I have two 'buddies' that keep me company in all I do, too.

Lesley said...

Nice work!! I love that quilt!

Anonymous said...

Love the glass work you all did in your shower!!!
Tumbler looks great!
Love ur little "buddies" too.
I am seeing your bright colors are you keeping the couch orange or is that what the bright fabrics are going to cover? Really love the orange.
I finished my shower curtain and made two more wall hangings for gifts. So I guess that is one completed old project and two new ones started! LOL