Monday, February 7, 2011

Quilting on Prozac

Remember these????

I thought a log cabin design with the flower in the middle would be pretty cool.
So, that's what I did, a simple log cabin block, so I thought!
This is what happens when you sew on Prozac!!!!!!

I read the warning on the bottle, Prozac bottle, and it said,
"do not operate heavy equipment".
Never thought my sewing machine was heavy equipment, I mean, I can pick it up.
I think I will stick to drinking wine while sewing from now on. lol
disclaimer: no fabric was harmed during sewing
operator (me) was not on Prozac, just crazy sewing.


lesley said...

WOW! That's wild and fun!

DD Lindsey said...

You crack me UP!!! And it's just my humble opinion, but I think those blocks are absolutely adorable! Love the colors. Love the wonkiness (it's a word). I don't see anything wrong with them.

Angie said...

I LOVE them!

Quiltingranny said...

You are sew funny!

Shades of Blue said...

I agree WoW Love the bright wild colors!

Shades of Blue said...

I agree WoW I just love how bright and wild these blocks are :)

Shades of Blue said...

I agree WoW, I just love these colorful wild blocks :)