Monday, February 7, 2011

Things you do when it Snows, and, Snows.....

Well, it's been a week now that we have had snow (a LOT of snow) on the ground.
Bad news, more snow, anywhere from 4 to 10 inches tomorrow and Wednesday!
(don't you love the gap they are giving?)

Don't know how your town/city takes care of snow removal, but, here in Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exeact, we are not prepared for this much snow. Our roads are bad!!! David had to get an MRI Saturday, so, I taged along to get out of the house. The main Highway's were in good shape, but, all the others, not so great! All I could think about was, this is not good for someone that had to get to a hospital having a baby. Not only would it take you a while, but, a short drive on the major bumpy roads, that baby didn't stand a chance making it there.
I did find out, as of Friday, 3 babies were born in cars on the way to the Hospital.
Now, that's a story to tell your Grandkids.

But, there is good news, or at least for me! Since we, David and I, were in Tulsa anyway, on Saturday, thought I would have me run my by The Quilt Sampler. They just happen to be having a Super Bowl Fabric Sale. Everything in the shop was 25% off, everything! They also had FQ's (fat quarters) $1.00 each if you purchased 10 or more (not a problem) and there clearance fabric was $2.99 a yard (again, not a problem, lol) So, since David was going to busy with his MRI and I would have just sat there, I let him leave me at the Quilt Shop.
Don't you like it that I LET him leave me?

Wow, two + hours stuck in a Quilt Shop, what was I do? What would you do?
I did what any fabric collector would do, I had a BLAST!!!!
The ladies at the shop (most I knew from our guild) were getting a kick out of me, guess I looked liked a kid running wild in the toy isle. I found a few, 10, FQ's, that looked good, they off to the clearance section. Low and behold, Amy Butler's Love fabric in the clearance $2.99 a yard. Before I got excited, I had to make sure I was seeing right, so, I asked, and Yes, it was correct. Don't know if any of you purchase Amy's fabric, but, $2.99 a yard is un heard of. So, I started loading up my cart, yeap, cart, they found me my own cart to use. lol Then on my second pass, I called my Sister-in-law and niece, who loves Amy's fabric, to see how much they wanted. Check, add more to the cart. Then I found some batiks, Tina Givens, Michael Miller, free sprit and, well face it, I found it all!

I ended up with close to 60 yards of fabric, Accuquilt cutting pad, and a new book.
So, all I have to say now is:
Let it Snow!!!!

This is my haul
The small bag is my Niece's and Sister-in-laws fabric
This is the one yard pileTwo yard pile
Three yard pile, mostley Amy Butler
Hey, a girls got a do, what a girls got a do!!!!


DD Lindsey said...

I am SOOOO jealous! I wanted to go SO bad! But I couldn't get outta my cul de sac. Ugh. I'm going tomorrow though...before this next system hits. Maybe I can still catch some good deals.

Angie said...

I'm so envious! My husband would have killed me if I'd come home with 60 yards, though.

lesley said...

Great finds! Can't wait to see what you make out of all that!