Monday, March 14, 2011

Where have I been?????

As you can tell, I'm not really good at sitting down and posting.
Guess I have a lot to catch up from my last post.
I noticed it was Feb. 7Th, shame on me!
Check out my new toy!
Comic Book Boards. Yes, Comic Book Boards!
I'm sure you are asking yourself, what does Comic
Book Boards have to do with Quilting???
A LOT!!!

They are perfect for mini fabric bolts.
You get 100 boards per package for $9.95.
I got mine from the Comic Store at 71st and Mingo,
(In Tulsa), but, I'm sure there other locations.
This is what part of my stash looks like now!
(just getting started)
Don't you just love how organized it looks?
I do!!!
This is in the office area.
David said it looked like I was starting a fabric shop.
We won't tell him about my private stash I have
hidden in my closet, Will We!!!!
Keep in mind, I'm not finished YET.
As a matter of fact, David found a large tote full
of fabric (I forgot I had) while he was cleaning the garage.
This is in my hall closet. Overflow. lol
Now on to my project updates.
This is what I have finished so far on my Prozac quilt.
Still not sure how I am going to sew it together, but,
I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.
(just hope they work)

A couple of weeks ago, I took a Fabric Art class from
an amazing Fabric Artist, Candace (sorry I forgot her last name)
that spoke at the Tulsa Guild. She is a great teacher, she has
amazing ideas and she thinks outside the box. My kind a lady!
We were told to bring fabric, a LOT of fabric, and a picture of
our inspiration. I picked Poppies. Not just any Poppies,
my Mom's Poppies!
My Niece painted a picture for me a couple of Christmas's
ago of Mom's Poppies (forgot to take a pic, I'll add it later)
called, Doris and Bill.
This is my interruption in fabric.

First step, cut a bunch of fabric.
Then, arrange them on muslin,
then, pin water soluble sulky on top.
Last step, go to town sewing all over it.
When you finish the sewing, soak it to remove
the sulky, dry it, and stretch it on canvas.
Step one and two.
Sewing finished.
Before it goes onto the canvas.
Finished and hanging on the wall.
Got to say, this ain't bad for someone who can't
even draw a stick person. Like I said, she was a
Great teacher!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my catch up posting.
Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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lesley said...

Wow you are organized! Love the poppy quilt art and looking forward to seeing the prozac one finished!!