Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been a little unmotivated, (OK, a LOT), here lately. But, that's
about to change!!!!! I have so many UFQ's (unfinished quilts) around
here, it's about to drive me wild. Not that that has slowed me down on
adding to my stash, can't seem to pass up a GREAT sale and
some really GREAT fabric.

LQS had another sale this weekend, prices starting at $1.99 a yard.
I came home with a couple a new fabrics and a few new trinkets.

I love FABRIC!!!!!!

So, for the rest of this month (we will see just how long this lasts)
I am going to post pictures of any and all progress I make getting
my stach of UFQ's completed.

The other reason I am doing this, is, so you guys can give me
a hard time if I don't get anything done each day.
I am counting on your comments to keep me motivated.
(I need all the help in the world to get me moving)

Progress May 16
I have the second row sewn.
I've cleaned up my sewing area.
Set up my new sewing table.
I'll have pics of that later.

Here's the finial design for Prozac
(I'm not tearing it apart again, this is it)


Stray Stitches said...

Prozac looks wonderful. I love the cheery colors you have used. And who could pass up fabric for $1.99 a yard!!!! said...

WOW! I do love prozac. As in your quilt prozac. It is going to be spendiforous. Keep going girl

lesley said...

Looking great!