Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Room and Hip

 A little update on the house,yes I know, seems like it's a never ending topic. We moved into the house 13 years ago, and, it was pretty much original 1980's décor. The owner had remodeled the kitchen, sort of, but it was not what I liked. duh. So far we have taken on all the rooms with the exception of two bathrooms. Still something for me to do later. Here are a couple of pictures of the NEW beautiful wood floors. (So happy the fake wood floors from Lowe's are GONE)
This first picture is the floor before they stained them. Living room looking into the dining room. Second pic is the finished floor looking from the dining room into the living room.

As you can see, these floors are amazing, and, really make the floors from Lowe's look BAD. This time we had the floors put down the hallway also. Still have the fireplace to redo, but, that's going to have to wait till I heal from my Hip Replacement. If you look at the fireplace now, you can see where the black floating shelves will go. I put some templates I painted black up so I could see if my vision will work. So far, so good. Here's a peek at the stone I will be using.
I also got my new furniture, or, at least part of the furniture delivered. I love it. Still waiting for the other recliner to be made and delivered, but, so far it's looking good. The colors are so different than anything I've ever had, but, couldn't be happier. I'll post pictures when I get the rooms put together. You know me, I can't leave well enough alone, so, my wild and crazy chair had to get a facelift again. This will the third time I've redone this chair, but, hubby won't let me get rid of it, so, facelift it is.

When I saw the fabric, I knew I had to have it. I also redid the parson chairs in the background with the bottles fabric. I'm going to use the rest of the zig zag fabric for an ottoman I'll make from an old coffee table I have. But the fireplace, and, the ottoman will have to wait till I heal from my Hip Replacement.
Yep, this ole gal got a new Hip a week and a half ago. Everything is going great, and, I can't wait to get back on my feet again. Using a walker is not my idea of fun. Not being able to drive is the pits. Doctor's say 6 weeks, I say 4. Hope I'm right and they are wrong.


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Valerie said...

I love your house even more!! I am so impressed at your chair. I kind of looks like a chair I would like to have! I am waiting for Carm to tell me when we can go to your house and visit. I am really glad you're doing well after your surgery and your recovery. We'll talk soon!