Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spiked with Color getting BIGGER

Here's a close up of the middle of the quilt.
I LOVE all the colors and the wildness.
Who would have thought, me, Sandy,
liking anything this wild?
(if you believe I wouldn't like it.....
you don't me very well)

Since this is David's quilt, he wants it to go on
our bed, (king size no less).
So, you can tell by the pic I have a ways to go
before it will fit the bed.
So much for thinking I was finished, not by a
long shot.
The quilt showing through, is a quilt my Granny
made over 50 years ago. I guess I am taking
after her in a lot of ways, but, I am not sure what
she would think about all these new, bright,
colorful and crazy quilts out today. But, on the
other hand, Granny was one wild, crazy, and
colorful gal in her time.
(five husbands and was still looking
for number six when she passed away at the
age of 88). I guess I answered my own question,
YEAH, she would love this quilt. She might even
say it was a tad bit tame. lol
Thanks, Granny for passing down your love
of quilting to me. I think about you everytime
I'm quilting and how much you enjoyed sitting
at your old Singer piecing a quilt and then
watching you for hours as you hand quilted
each and every quilt you made. Wow, what
a talent you had for quilting and what fun
we shared at your quilting frame.

I like this pic, it shows all the colors

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