Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas at the Hembree's, Part 1

Thought I would share a little bit of our family Christmas Dinner for 2010.
Christmas Dinner was at our house this year, so, that means,
family, food and a lot of CLEANING!
It cracks me up, we spend days cleaning the house,
putting things away, (should have been put away a long time ago),
cook ALL DAY, set down to eat, (30 mins tops),
then clean again for several DAYS!
But don't you LOVE it???? I DO!!!!
I will be the first to admit, I love cooking, I love to set a
fancy table, I love getting the GOOD out,
but, most of all, I love having my family around!
This year I wanted to do something different with my table
and place settings, so, where do you go for ideas?
Yep, the Internet!
I did some surfing, hung 10 (fingers on the keyboard)
and found just the right solution, instructions for
fancy napkin folding.
This is what I did with my linen napkins.
Is this the coolest thing you ever seen????
A Napkin SHIRT!!!!
My table before we added the food. Don't think you can tell,
but, every place setting has a different plate design, flatware
pattern and different chargers.
Dare to be different, dare to be original!
This is my Brother carving the Turkey, Carol, his wife,
making the gravy and if you look really close, you can see
my better side (my back side) on the right.
Talk about a mess, my poor kitchen. Wouldn't have it
any other way, this is a Good Thing!

Had to get a pic of the Pheasant Bowl with Lesley's
Cranberry Compote.

BEST buttermilk cornbread stuffing in the world!
Yum, yum!

Ashley's green bean casserole.

What was left of the Smoked Ham.

Lesley's Baked Sweet Potato's.
Well, that's our Christmas Dinner 2010.
We had a great time, ate way too much and had
way too much fun.
While the grownup's (some of us) were in the Kitchen
slaving over the hot stove, the kids were in the living
room playing Wii.
Oh, to be a kid again.
Wait, I am a kid!!!
OK, not a real kid, but, after dinner the BIG kids had
their turn on the Wii. Not sure which group, the little
kids, or the BIG kids, had more fun.
Well, I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into.
So, here's hoping you and your family had as much
fun as ours did and
may 2011 be the best year yet.

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Ashley said...

IT WAS AWESOME. Thanks for all you did to make it a great time for all!!